New Brunswick Police Commission concludes conduct complaint about Edmundston Police Officer

FREDERICTON – The New Brunswick Police Commission’s investigation of a conduct complaint filed against a police officer in the shooting death of Ms. Chantel Moore is complete.

“The Commission has completed its review of the Police Act investigation conducted by an investigator appointed by the Commission and will take no further action as there is insufficient evidence that the officer committed a breach of the Code of Professional Conduct Regulation,” said Commission chair Marc Léger.” The Commission sent its decision and the summary of findings and conclusions to the complainant and the police officer.

Subject to the Police Act and the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Commission cannot release the investigation report or its findings and conclusions. However, Léger noted the investigation’s policy and procedural review found issues outside the Commission’s mandate. “The Coroner’s Inquest into Ms. Moore’s death may raise those issues as well and the Commission is ready to fully cooperate with the coroner.”

He emphasized the Commission works with government, community organizations, police, and the public to build confidence in the public complaints system and to continuously improve the quality of policing in New Brunswick. “There are matters no one organization can address on its own. The Commission is always ready to be part of any discussion that leads to positive change.”

The Commission conducted the investigation of the complaint as the tragic circumstances in this case raised it to a matter of public interest. “The investigation, which was conducted under the updated Police Act, is the most extensive the Commission has conducted. With changes in the Police Act, we were able to bring in experts in forensic identification; use of force; a national expert in the conduct of unbiased oversight investigations, and Legal Counsel. As well, the lead investigator had support of an assistant investigator,” said Léger.

The investigation involved a lead investigator, an additional investigator and subject experts. The lead investigator is a recognized specialist in polygraph examination with over years 12 years experience, and 28 years of service with the RCMP, is a member of the Canadian Associations of Police Polygraphists (CAPP), and a certified investigator and interviewer with certification in Investigative Statement Analysis (ISA), and Scientific Content Analysis.

The investigation included interviews with more than twenty witnesses, an extensive document review, including the entire independent criminal investigation conducted by the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes (BEI), findings and opinions from experts in forensic toxicology, forensic scene examination, and use of force. In addition, the investigator performed a re-enactment of the scene under conditions as similar as possible to June 4, 2020. “The investigation was thorough, and its findings are based on facts provided by evidence,” said Léger.

The New Brunswick Police Commission is a fair, independent civilian police oversight body. It oversees the management of the public complaints process into the conduct of police officers and the policies or services of municipal and regional police forces within the province of New Brunswick.

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